Saturday, May 10, 2008

To War, Fellow Christian Soldiers!

America's liberal establishment, via Time magazine, is now pushing the latest expansion of its liberal imperialist agenda, the "coercive humanitarian intervention," which in this case would be an invasion of Myanmar, justified on the pretext that that country's military government is failing to protect its citizens in the wake of the disaster in Burma. The author of the article, who has support from various American and UN policy writers, actually claims we need to "give war a chance."

It's a very strange day when it's up to the American war secretary, Robert Gates, to be the one to say the U.S. military shouldn't enter Myanmar "without the permission of the Myanmar government."

What's going on in Myanmar is an enormous tragedy but an invasion isn't going to solve that. It's just going to give the U.S.-led "humanitarian" coalition another occupied space on its growing list, which already stretches from Haiti to Afghanistan with numerous colonies in between.