Thursday, May 08, 2008

Snore...: Joshua 13-21

This post is part of a revolutionary Bible commentary sponsored by the Church of the Orange Sky.

It's time for another exciting series of real estate deeds! This is the Domesday Book, Ancient World edition. Joshua is getting old and God says there's still lots of conquering and killing to be done. In the meantime, he begins parceling out the lands of Israel. This goes on for several chapters. Along the way, Caleb shows up again all of a sudden, reminding Joshua of the time fifty years ago when the two of them infiltrated Canaan. Joshua rewards Caleb with some extra territory. The allotments are as detailed and exciting as any contemporary legislation and, like that legislation, carefully take account of each amendment; the daughters of Zelophehad earn another line and a half to receive the land given to them by special ruling of Moses.