Monday, January 14, 2008

Other notions related to the Genesis matter..

In my last post, I talked about the concept that if sin was to originate from a source, the reasons behind it must because of two possibilities: the nature of God, or the will of God. I was left concluding this must be the will of God.

But in this conclusion, it leads me to another philosophical dilemma: it everything is God's will, then there seems to be a question of one of the fundamental pillars of Christianity and Judaic thought - free will.

Does it it exist? It must. As Rene Descartes proved with simple, basic logic - 'I think, therefore, I am', free thought must exist on some level and validates our existence. But if it exists, how much of exists? After all, was not the destiny of Christ preordained hundred of years before his birth? Is free will a necessity to Christian life, and what about the end times? Are they not also preordained, and it's outcome predetermined?

Answering the origins of sin has implications to the very nature and structure to Christian-Judea thought. And it will probably be something I will ponder upon further throughout this week.



Pastor Nick said...

Not to compound the complexity of your thoughts, but maybe another thing to try and rack your brain around is this thought, and you're probably going along this line anyway. If God knows the future, and what choices one is going to make, how do we as humans really have free will?

I have been trying to figure that one out for awhile. The closest thing that I can come to is that we indeed have free will because God allowed us to be made knowing full well what choices we would make. Even though God knew that Satan would rebel, God still created Satan, and gave him the opportunity to not rebel.

I like the questions you are asking, it is definitely brain stretching. I have always believed that without questioning we will never become closer to God.