Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dude, I was NOT serious

Just for the record, I'm still not convinced that giving hash-laced pizza to youth groups is a good idea for churches. Even though I did say that the Church of the Orange Sky wanted to see alternative witnessing techniques.

The last entry on Torchwood apparently earned this blog some attention on sci fi sites, ranging from total agreement to total disagreement to complaints that I'm a bit prudish for complaining about there being too much sex on late-night British TV. This post also was not entirely serious, but they're right that I don't watch much late-night British TV drama. Presumably most of it is better written than Torchwood. Despite my last post, sex doesn't bother me nearly as much as stupid sex combined with bad writing. James Kirk was not significantly less promiscuous than Jack Harkness (though he did happen to meet mainstream North American expectations for sexuality a little more precisely), yet I still watch Star Trek, and cringe at the writing there occasionally as well, especially on the original series and on Enterprise, a lot of which probably rates below Torchwood on my list of bad sci fi. It's just hard to take a show seriously when alien gas clouds come to earth because they want to have as many orgasms as possible.