Saturday, January 13, 2007

Reading emails and the apocrypha..

Well, Christmas/New years eve/moving was a busy, busy time for this boy here...

I'm slowly working through the King James Version of the Apocrypha.. wild stuff.. My old english isn't what it used to be I guess.. too much modern bible reading from this boy here.. I have to admit, yes, I've been reading N.I.V. more than the King James, and I like it.. but even still, it's a form of religious literature that is almost artistic in it's presentation, so reading the King James Version is nice too..

I keep getting these emails from Christians, telling me what's the matter with Canada - and something to do with Andy Rooney (what the heck is up with that I don't know) - blaming everything from the immigration policies, to the fact most kids listen to music their parents don't like (surprise, they probably did it too), on the fact that not everybody in Canada is a Christian, and that we let Islam and other religions exist here. First, I think this is just plain dumb. I am proudly a Christian, but if I recall correctly, we've always had a choice about the matter - whether we want to believe or not (in the end we all know the truth anyways, but..). Genesis kinda goes through this for us. And, I seem to recall that we, as Christians, are supposed to be concerned with God's law - not man's law - because we are concerned with God's kingdom, not some part of the world (unless we want to inherit the kingdom of Hell). Again, the New Testament repeats this concept a couple of times. And really.. everything is somebody else's fault? I thought my Christianity taught me better than that.. it taught me to admit my sins, to confess them, and to seek forgiveness for them.. in effect, to be responsible for my mistakes..

I worry about the new face of Christianity.. in a growing, online community, this presentation of Christ may turn people away who are seeking the word, wrongfully. I hope that Andy Rooney finally sends out an email to all these people forwarding his supposed comments with the subject: Stop it, cause I highly doubt he's the one behind this (Or Jesus, or Islam, or whoever..).



Anonymous said...
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Politically InCorRecT said...

Now I think we can understand here that it's less to do about the religion and more to do with the domination of the Islamic growth in western society. It's becoming quite clear that by the time I'm an ancient man, there will be no such thing as Christianity. Islamists increase their hold through massive immigration and reproduction and quickly are outnumbering the non-Islamic nations. Before we know it, we'll all be looking to Mecca, and frightfully reading the Koran.