Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years Eve, and a belated Christmas wishes!

Okay, okay.. I've been terrible for posting anything lately. This holiday season saw a lot of eggnog and family relatives - usually at the same time! With the countdown to New Years Eve just hours away, I thought I would take time to ask the Lord for blessings on your house, my house, and all those who seek it.

May this year be blessed with joy, and not much sorrow - if we must endure it, hopefully it is only enough for us to appreciate the joyful moments we have in our lives.

May this year be blessed with personal wealth, good fortune, and plenty of time! Time seems to be the one thing I am always in constant demand for, and personal wealth and good fortune are fringe benefits for a student.

May this year be blessed with more peace than fighting. This year saw more world conflict in a time in which we should be working more together, not apart.

May this year be blessed with good health, and a clear mind. God knows I certainly didn't have either this year past. LOL.

May this year be blessed with a year without another election - Please God. Okay, I know it's selfish, but I had to throw that one out there.. I just hate going to the polls every 365 to 375 days.

May your family be blessed with love, you be blessed with love, and the New Year be a heck of a year - better than the one past. Take care, and God bless!