Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Digging up the bones?

So I guess it wasn't enough that Dan Brown had to ask the question, but apparently now, there is a filmmaker (from Canada, gasp! I know, truly bizarre) that is producing a film about 'Jesus's Tomb'. In it, it suggests that Jesus had kids, and is buried beside Mary Magdalene.. and maybe the apostles are close by because of burial plots nearby. Now forget the fact that most archaeologists reject the notion.. and forget the fact the biblical scholars reject the notion.. they have vested reasons for doing so.. Who cares? What's the point?

Does some film maker really think this sudden 'revelation' that the Son of God was a man would make me abandon my faith? Does this film maker think that most believers don't confront their own questions about the validness of their faith, and how relevant it is to their daily lives?

And personally, even if Jesus did do his thing with Mary - why would I care? If I am looking at the principles of Christianity, and say, this is true for me and how I want to live my life - what does it matter whether or not Jesus was married or not, sexual or not? If it becomes a question of forgiveness and the rising into heaven bit, I don't see how that couldn't have happened even if he did marry Mary - it's just as likely in both cases, and it could have just been a point that was left out. It said Jesus was without sin. So, maybe he was, and the issue comes down to whether people accept sex as a sin or not.

To me, this reminds me of another revelation that happened earlier on last year: the book of Judas. Every now and then, there is some 'startling' revelation that comes out, that is supposed to be faith-shattering. I suppose if you believe every thing you read in the National Enquirer, then yes, these things might be faith-shattering.. but to the rest of us, I think it's just business as usual.



jp said...

Well said!

The Irreverent Seraph said...

The angels... well, angel anyway... have come to bring the knowledge of artistic license to you.

If mere disproof was enough, think of what we would be rid of: the social sciences, astrology, Christianity (oops, my bad, you're not supposed to know that's a crock until after you die...snicker)

The same need for sanctimonious apporoval from the liberal elite that drove Ken Burns to make absurd infrences about the civil war leads Jesus' Tomb as well.