Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So, apparently, we're in the running for best religious blog..

After being nominated, it appears we've made it to the second round, which is pretty cool. As one of the writers here I would like to thank all that voted for us, and hopefully we can take it - for the glory of God, no doubt.

All this makes me believe that intellegent Christianity will prevail over blind faith Christianity. When we started the site, it was part of a discussion that focused on a paper that I had wrote in my teens that I meant to complete. I called it 'The Christian Aethist'. The notion behind it was that Christians could be intellegently motivatived, but spiritually enlightened. Far too common nowadays, is the assumption that in order to be a good Christian you must check your brain at the door. Christ never taught us that, nor ever encouraged that, and I believe as Christians we need to get back to that - or risk becoming irrelevant.

Anyways, I'm getting too damn serious when I'm feeling this good.. so I'll stop there, and wish you all a good one. Thanks again, and I look forward to posting some more blogs for you to read and comment on.



Saskboy said...

You don't think, that perhaps, God voted for you? ;-)

shawn said...

I would hope so! LOL


Merry Mama said...

Uhm. I'd like to ask a question: So are you saying Jesus drives an SUV? And how does that make him smarter?

Also? the gay thing?

The irreverant seraph said...

Gay thing?

Shawn Rennebohm said...

Merry Mama,

The article which started this whole blog off (in the archives) was actually based on a arguement that we had heard that suggested that Jesus drove an Suv. We ourselves never said that. We actually suggested that he walked, or if in modern times, took the bus. It was supposed to be based on a discussion that seems to be orginating that what would Christ do in this particular situation? Applying modern day situations to situations Christ lived under seemed insulting to what Christ had to endure for us.

I hope that answers your question.


the irreverant seraph said...

Why does this sound like a poor excuse for a Joan Osbourne lyric?

Saskboy said...

Congrats on the high finish.

shawn said...

Thanks, Saskboy.